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Free Online 'Open House'

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At our monthly 'Free Online Open House' you are invited to ask all your health related questions on a physical, psychological or emotional level. And if you have been curious about who is the founder and teacher at The Healing Hands Center, it is also a fantastic way to meet Rahul Bharti!

During the 'Open House', we invite you to come on the video to ask your question. Rahul has a projector on the wall to see all the participants and uses telepathy to tune into the person to give you his diagnosis and advice. It is up to you to decide if you are going to follow his advice. Our job is to give our view and guide and support if necessary, however, you do the work! 

At our 'Open House' nothing is personal and everyone learns from each other. Where you are going through, has your neighbour already gone through and your friend might go through it in the future! We respect everyone, there is no judgment and we work with lots of love!!

Dates of the 'Free Online Open House' in the next months:

6 June 

11 July 

22 August

To join us, we invite you to sign up now and we will send you the zoom link via the mail the day before the Open House is.

Please do not hesitate to spread the world about the 'Free Online Open House'! Our mission is to help as many people as we can! 

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