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Online Private Classes

This spring and summer, The Healing Hands Center and Yoga Touch Therapies will teach ‘Online Private Classes’ whereby you are invited to bring in your personal issues.

By listening, questioning, and using telepathy via video calls, Rahul will diagnose what exactly is going on at a physical, psychological, and / or energetic level. Now you have more awareness and understanding, we will make a personalized action plan, which depends on the need of the person.

                                                                                (photo by Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography)

Students will receive guidance in how to deal with their personal situation or how to use ancient healing techniques for their physical and/or energetic issues. If we feel it is necessary, we will guide you into a detox program and during the program we are standby for any necessary support. Our aim is to teach you the tools how to 'heal' yourself with the guidance and support from our side.  However, without your action, there will be no result! 

Rahul Bharti and Melissa Kok work as a team. Rahul will diagnose, give you guidance from his experience and tells you his advised action plan for you. If necessary, Melissa will teach you specific exercises, provide you with supportive materials, will stay in communication to answer questions and give motivational support.

Our online private classes can be done via zoom or whatsapp, according to the preference of the student.


Investment for the online private class with Rahul and Melissa: 75 € 

When requested by the student, any following up private class video calls will cost: 60 € 

(Prices are including instructions of exercises, supportive material and other communication and support)

Book your online private class via email and we will contact you to set the date and time for your first step towards a better health!

Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography - Ancient T
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