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About the teachers...


Rahul Bharti, founder and teacher of The Healing Hands Center, was born in Goa to a Portuguese-Indian family. He had an extra-ordinary childhood, his interest in helping fellow human beings arose at an early age when he came into contact with "Ancient Massage". His gift was seen by his father at a young age, which made it possible for Rahul to continue his path in 'ancient healing' under the wings of various spiritual teachers in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Intensive and in-depth training has turned Rahul into a very sensitive therapist. Besides being a master of Ancient massage and an energy worker, Rahul is also a midwife. He loves to share all his knowledge about Ayur Veda (the science of life), Vedic cuisine, the effect of medicinal herbs and how to keep the body optimally healthy.

Rahul lives for what he has learned. His mission is to transfer his knowledge so that self-love can grow and people can find more balance in life.

He has been able to help many thousands of people on their path to healing.

His knowledge and experience is impressive. His energy and heartful way of living life is inspiring. 

Melissa Kok, founder and teacher of Yoga Touch Therapies, was born in The Netherlands were she became a nurse and worked in various facets.

When she moved to Australia, her nurse diploma was not recognized, which gave her the opportunity to discover other fields. After following a yoga teacher training, she started to teach yoga and found out that yoga was not just physical movements, but a support for many people on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Courses in psychosomatic therapy, reiki and ayurveda followed and in 2014 she came for the first time to The Healing Hands Center to learn ancient 'Thai' massage. Since then she is hooked by all the teachings that she received at the school, including life philosophy, councelling, singing bowls and energy work and is under full time training of Rahul Bharti and life itself.

Melissa has found her passion in teaching, guiding and supporting people to find their strength to 'heal' themselves.


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